• Join the surgery

    How to become a member of the surgery.

  • Test results

    Get results of blood tests and other investigations.

  • Sick/fit notes

    When you need a sick/fit note and how to get one.

  • Online services

    How to access our online services.

  • Clinics

    Clinics and services offered at the surgery.

  • Your details

    How to update your name and contact details.

  • Proxy access

    Information about providing others access to your records.

  • Vaccinations

    Information on the types of immunisations we offer.

  • Health A to Z

    Your complete guide to conditions, symptoms and treatments, including what to do and when to get help (on the NHS website.

  • NHS Symptom Checker

    A step by step guide to finding the help you need (on the NHS website).